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The Challenge: Secure and fast document and media collaboration

Social Media enable quick collaboration and a post on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter can receive millions of feedbacks and go viral in a very short time. People can contribute relatively freely and at nil cost. In a business organisation, however, collaboration software operates in a more complex environment where security and privacy need to be carefully controlled. Therefore, work teams are frequently slave to IT professionals to slowly plumb softwares such as Sharepoint, Jive, Slack or Confluence with other applications within the organisation and they often carry a per-user licence cost.


The Challenge: Active and Persistent Controls in software and platforms

Introducing new technology brings about or intensifies risk of unintended data exposure, unauthorised entry to systems and fraudulent transactions. Even with the best systematic process implementations it will be necessary to segregate duties to reduce risk of single points of failure and of fraudulent activity. However, this can be complex to deliver across multiple ICT solutions and throughout an orgnaistion and therefore even a gold plated compliance to standards such as ISO27001 can be subjective.


The challenge: Device Identity in IOT

With the introduction of billions of new devices in homes, mines, factories, and cities, secure transmission of data between devices and internet hosts must be of paramount importance to device manufacturers and consumers. When a human attempts authentication to a software application or platform multi-factor authentication enables systematic re-assurance of identity. However IOT devices are expected to communicate without excessive or repetitive human input.


The Challenge: IOT Device Lifecycle Management

The story of a device needs careful consideration from its manufacture, provisioning, maintenance and end-of-life. Importantly, while an internet connected device is at some point paired with its host, the pairing might not end there. Once authenticated, its host might authenticate a channel of data between the device and one or more other parties. If unmanaged, a volume of billions of devices throughout homes, mines, factories, cities and more, insecure devices will pose an existential threat.


The challenge: Consumption-based charging at volume

Product and service corporations want to be in a strong position commercially in making and sustaining lucrative pricing models. However, commercial possibilities and negotiations are frequently subject to limitations in the available software solutions. Adoption of usage-based billing models such as those used in telecommunications is increasingly used in software subscriptions and is moving progressively into manufacturing.

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