Cloud Kickers Labs provides tools and services for companies integrating software and moving to cloud.

In an period of unprecedented adoption of Cloud, accelerate your digital transformation.

Cloud Kickers can help you achieve your business #digitaltransformation in a period of radical changes in both technology and #software supply chains.

Cloud Kickers Labs, a unique software centre equipped to meet the challenges of the digital era and API economy.

Cloud Kickers’ Consultancy Team harnesses and reins in legacy systems and embraces Cloud technology to develop enterprise ready applications to Cloud Kickers’ IRONCLAD standards. What does Cloud Kickers’ Labs have to offer?

  • The expertise to troubleshoot or develop solutions built on SAP or Dynamics AX;
  • The skills to optimise and speed up database applications, interfaces and integrations;
  • The knowledge to fully manage system-to-system integrations;
  • The knowhow to develop enterprise-ready applications built on any Cloud platform.

The Cloud Kickers’ commitment:

  • We will share our expertise to help increase the skill set of your in-house team;
  • We will accelerate delivery with our IronClad Accelerators;
  • We will offer a fully managed service or work alongside your team in line with your delivery methodology.


All Cloud Kickers software solutions are
developed to IRONCLAD standards

IRONCLAD is a set of Cloud Kickers standards spanning software development, data migration and integration. These standards mean that your solution is predictable in terms of time, cost and quality and furthermore means that it will be line with the latest technologies and will conform to integration and security standards including GDPR.